Gypsy documentaries - Film When the Road Bends, Tales of a Gypsy Caravan - World Music Documentary Film Gypsy documentaries - Film When the Road Bends, Tales of a Gypsy Caravan - World Music Documentary Film
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Film | When the Road Bends... tales of a GYPSY CARAVAN - World Music Documentary Film
Gypsy Music Documentary Film

P.S.: I originally named this film after a Romani proverb about how to cope when life doesn't deal you a straight hand ("You cannot walk straight when the road bends"). So the film title began as "When the Road Bends... tales of a Gypsy Caravan." However, brevity and the marketplace have prevailed so that it is being released simply as "Gypsy Caravan" in many places. Sorry about the confusion, but it is all the same movie and I hope you enjoy it.

"intoxicating documentary ...compelling"
- LA Times

"deserves to have its brilliant colors, lavish costumes, and vivacious musical numbers seen on the big screen"
- Village Voice

"How do you praise the magnificent? ...the most amazing Gypsy troubadours of our time... musical fire... Depth of soul and immortal passion..."

"...I was thrilled and transported by it... I'm only sorry it isn't two or three times as long"

"A lyrical film, musical and road movie, in which Gypsy music escapes from its usual 'ghetto' to become a major international event."
- Karlovy Vary Film Fest

"mind-blowing... fascinating... moving... compelling... see it... see it again"
- Huffington Post

"So full of life it leaves me speechless... I'm a tough critic, but this is really one of the best films I've ever seen!"
- Albert Maysles, documentary legend (upon seeing the edited film for the first time since he shot footage for it 5 years earlier)

"It would be great if by experiencing the Romani people and their music, people can learn more about them and understand that - what you've believed about these people has been a lie your entire life."
- Johnny Depp

" irresistibly vibrant concert-tour documentary"
- Entertainment Weekly

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"The Buena Vista Social Club for Gypsy music. It captures the spirit of an amazing musical culture and the heart of the musicians and singers who express it."
- Cinematic Intelligence Agency

A dazzling display of the musical world of the Roma, juxtaposed to the real world they live in. This rich feature documentary celebrates the luscious music of top international Gypsy performers and interweaves stirring real life tales of their home life and social background. Shot by documentary icon Albert Maysles, the film takes place on location in Spain, Macedonia, Romania and India, as well as in Europe and in the USA during the Gypsy Caravan concert tour created by World Music Institute. Starring musicians from FANFARE CIOCARLIA, TARAF DE HAIDOUKS, MAHARAJA, ANTONIO EL PIPA & ESMA REDZEPOVA. Film directed and produced by Jasmine Dellal whose previous feature, AMERICAN GYPSY, won international acclaim for its portrait of an American Romani family battling a decade of drama.

"Across the globe, Gypsy music rears its melodious head, from Romania to Spain to Macedonia to India... featuring fierce fans of the form (including Johnny Depp), the film is a gorgeous surround-sound celebration of misery and oppression turned into music."
- Vancouver International Film Fest

"Jasmine Dellal is an epic story-teller who uses time and music like two added dimensions to the sweep of her rich filmic saga. This film tells the story of a people separated by every possible evil of history, yet kept together and nourished by the underground of their music. This is a documentary of the highest order, a profound and insistent work that manages to create suspense, while sounding profound depths of poetry. I cried and I grinned, simultaneously sometimes. She is a great ambassador for the Romani people and for their music. I defy either your feet or your heart to stand still while watching this movie."
- Andrei Codrescu, NPR commentator, writer

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